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How to apply for a 2021 ALBA Specialty Show

Would your club like to host a 2021 ALBA Specialty Show? Here is what you need to do!!

NOTE: Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, several specialty shows were cancelled in 2020.
Consequently, those shows will be hosting in 2021. Specialty shows will NOT be available in
Districts 2 and 4 for 2021 as those are already filled.

1) Requirements to host an ALBA Specialty show are as follows:
a) You must agree to award both an Outstanding Junior and Senior Youth Exhibitor ~ if your show does not
have youth exhibitors or you do not want to pick 2 top youth exhibitors, please do NOT apply

b) You must choose a Best Udder LaMancha ~ no exceptions

c) Results are due 30 days after your show...they MUST be submitted via an online form for your placings. Photos
must be submitted on a memory key (furnished by the club) and mailed to the Webmaster. Your
club is responsible for the memory key and must replace it if it is lost. Results will NOT be accepted via
email or Facebook. Please make sure the person in charge is capable of submitting the online results and
photos via the memory key.

d) Unused awards MUST be returned to the ALBA immediately after your show is completed.

e) Your show must have been sanctioned (and official) for LaManchas in the previous year. Please submit your
information via the online form.

f) Shows that have hosted in the previous 2 years are not eligible to apply. Shows that have not submitted results or
have not completed requirements will not be considered as a host group.

Please click on below links for printed copy of rules/application...these are for informational purposes only.


Application form (info only~ please submit application online)

To apply, please fill out online form and submit. Payment can be made through paypal button below.
If your club is NOT chosen, refund will be made through Paypal immediately after 1/1/21.

2021 Specialty Show Application Form


Specialty Show Deposits



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