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2019 ALBA Election
Candidate letters

Deb Macke—President Candidate:

My name is Deb Macke and I am running for re-election as President of  the ALBA. I have been a member of the ALC/ALBA since 1990 and have served several terms as Secretary-Treasurer as well as serving on multiple committees including Awards, All American, Raffle, Breed Standards, Specialty, Youth and Production. This would be my 2nd term as president.  I have chaired Specialty, All American, Youth and am currently chairing Production. I designed and have been responsible for update of the club website for many years and I have edited the newsletter for several years in the past.   I have also been a member of the ADGA National Show committee for many years  and was chair of the 2017 National Show as well as a member of National Show Long-Range, Judges, Annual Meeting and Youth. I am a lifetime member of ADGA and was a 30+ year member of the Chippewa Valley Dairy Goat Association in NW Wisconsin, a member of the Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association where I served as president and the Minnesota  and Iowa Dairy Goat Associations.

I have been breeding dairy goats since 1985 when we started with a couple of grade Alpines as a 4-H project for my 8 year old daughter. Mom fell in love and that was just the start. We milked commercially with a mixed herd of Alpines, LaManchas and Saanens for 5 years but eventually the distance from the milk markets forced us to make the decision to concentrate on our breeding stock herd. Most of the herd was exported to Canada and the basis of our LaMancha herd remained. Our herd is on DHIR thru Dairy One and we Linear Appraise annually. We show at a few local shows a year and the National Show when it is within driving distance. I strongly believe that our does should be productive as well as beautiful and we emphasize milk production throughout our breeding program and are very proud of the numerous Breed Leaders we have bred. We live on a 40 acre farm in NW Wisconsin having sold our dairy herd in 2009. We raise part of our own hay here at the farm.

I feel the ALBA is very important to our breed. We are the face of the LaMancha breed and it is our job to encourage new members, satisfy the current members and work on programs to improve our breed. It is also our responsibility to represent our breed and work to promote it. I believe the ALBA is for ALL LaMancha breeders regardless of the size of their herd, the quality of their animals or their reason for raising dairy goats. I also believe our programs should be geared to all levels of involvement of our members which is why I participated in the creation of the Dam/Sire recognition program for our members. This program was geared not only for the herds on official DHIR but also for those herds who take part in One Day Milking competitions, show and/or appraise. It was our hope to encourage more participation by offering more categories and levels for recognition.

I would work hard to improve our club and offer programs for all of our members as well as recognition for the hard work our members put into their herds. I feel I can represent you and work for the betterment of our breed if elected. Thank you for your support.



Sharon Hittner—Vice President Candidate:

Hi there my name is Sharon Hittner I am asking for your vote so that I may have the opportunity to serve as Vice President in the American La Mancha Breeders Association. 

La Manchas were introduced to the Blue Moon Ranch 13 years ago for milk production in case a foal required milk

. Quickly I fell in love with the breed and have been breeding and raising La Mancha Dairy Goats ever since. I participate in showing, milk test, linear appraisal and DNA testing. The goals that I have tried to maintain as a breeder are to support the goat community, and strive to produce a goat for the betterment of the breed.

Please consider me as your candidate for Vice President to the Board of Directors of the American La Mancha Breeders Association. It would be an honored and a privilege to assist and promote the organization to the best of my abilities.  The pleasure would be mine to work with such a great group of fellow La Mancha Breeders.


Pam Hogan—Secretary-Treasurer Candidate:

My name is Pamela Hogan, and I live in Gold, Hill, Oregon.  I am running for re-election as Secretary/Treasurer of ALBA. 

My daughter and I have a herd of LaManchas, and my husband raises French Alpines.  My herd name is Featherbrained (our farm has been Featherbrained Farm since we had a small bird hatchery business for several years).  My daughter’s is Literate LaManchas, and she’s the one who got us into dairy goats.  We’ve had LaManchas for about 10 years now, so we’re relative newbies to the dairy goat world.  We’ve been on DHIR since 2013, and it’s quickly become my passion.  We also do linear appraisal, and a little bit of showing.  My daughter received her degree in Animal Science from OSU, and is attending the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine, which leaves me with the day-to-day dairy goat management tasks.  Thankfully, the goats are a joy, especially the LaManchas, so it makes the job fun.

I am treasurer of our local dairy goat club—Rogue Valley Dairy Goat Association.  We put on two shows annually.  We also put on an annual goat education day, where I have taught classes on making goat milk lotion and soap.  I’ve also been secretary for the Southern Oregon Poultry Association and secretary and treasurer for our local elementary school’s PTO. 

I make goat’s milk soaps, lotions and body products, and have an Etsy shop where I sell my products.  As we all know, you have to do something with all of that milk.

I have enjoyed the past two years as your secretary treasurer and the involvement in club activities. I look forward to further involvement and hope I can serve you in that capacity for two more years.

Thank you for your consideration.



Cheryl Lloyd—Board of Director Candidate:

My name is Cheryl Lloyd, and I hope this finds each of you in good health and with a prosperous herd. It would be my honor if you would consider voting for me as a member of the ALBA Board of Directors.

I was raised on a small farm in Goodrich, TX. My family bred and raised pigs, lambs, and cattle. We participated heavily in 4-H and FFA. Upon graduation in 1998, I went on to attend Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX, on multiple agriculture scholarships. After college, I went into retail management. Finding an agriculture related job in the town that I lived in was extremely difficult. I continued in retail management, until I married my husband, Travis, in 2015. At that time, he asked me to be a stay at home mom to help raise his 3 children, which he had just been awarded full custody of.

We started our farm, T Bar C Farm, and our dairy goat adventure in December of 2015 out of necessity. Our children, Katie, Justin and Ryan, were all allergic to cow and soy milk! Neither Travis nor I had any experience with goats, we picked out a couple of bred Nigerian Dwarf does and a buck to get our feet wet. After the first kidding, we decided the miniature goats were not for us.

We went to watch our first dairy goat show at Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in March, 2016, to check out what other types of dairy goats we might enjoy, and talk to some breeders. I fell head over heels in love with the LaMancha breed, and put down a deposit on a few does that day. We also discovered that we would enjoy showing. It was an amazing learning experience and we met some wonderful like-minded people. Within a couple of months, we had acquired several ADGA registered does from reputable breeders and were headed off to our first show.

As with all new goat owners, there was a huge learning curve, and not a lot of help was offered. We put in lots of effort reading, studying, and attending workshops to learn as much as we could as quickly as we could. Our focus had started to change quickly from producing goats for milk production only, to producing goats that performed both in the show ring and in the milk pail. By the 2nd year we found a good mentor, signed up for ADGA Plus, and participated in Linear Appraisals and Milk Testing. We take pride in doing our very best to help other new owners find the information they need to be successful. We are now members of several goat clubs. I have also taken on the role of South Central Texas Goat Club secretary and newsletter editor, as well as our club show secretary.

The last few years have been a great privilege watching our children blossom and grow in the goat community. They’ve each developed their social skills by leaps and bounds. We’ve traveled countless miles, spent many hours, made tons of memories, had losses and wins, and made lots of new friends on this adventure. It has become a way of life for us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

I would be honored to serve on the ALBA Board of Directors. Please vote in the upcoming election, and continue to support the American LaMancha Breeders. Thanks!



Devin Myers—Board of Director Candidate:

A little about my goat history,
In the mid-80's, I worked for the Mar-Shel-Da Acres goat farm while at the same time raising Hampshire and Suffolk sheep as 4-H projects. My last year in 4-H, I raised and exhibited a Nubian market goat. The judge, Andrea Schaffer, invited me to see her herd. I brought back the foundation of my new herd, Simple Life Farm Raspberry. I fell in love with goats and wasn't happy with just one breed. Andrea told me about an Alpine herd named Goose Crossing (Debbie Larkin). Debbie was great to work with and let me have all her foundation does. I also purchased her semen tank for a little bit of nothing. I have always been surrounded by good people during my journey with goats.

Along the way, I met a woman by the name of Diana Wetherell. Diana introduced me to LaManchas and the rest is, as they say, history. Through Diana, I was able to meet the owners of Little Orchard, Mr. and Mrs. Griner, and how lucky I was they let me pick their brains. They told me the stories about their beginnings in goats. (Amazing story and if you ever get a chance, please ask both of them to tell you the story). In 2004, I sold my herd and traveled the world having a great time. However, in 2017, I realized how much I missed having dairy goats. I called the people I knew that would give me the best start and that was William and Martha Griner of Little Orchard LaManchas. The winter of 2017-18 was a crazy time and what I anticipated to be just a few does expanded into 8 with 7 bred does. I would venture to say - I am back and would very much like to offer my help for the advancement of the LaMancha breed and for the ALBA as a director. Thank you! 


Krista Myers-Board of Director candidate

My name is Krista Myers and I am running for the position of ALBA Director. I have been involved in dairy goats all my life, but the LaMancha breed has always been my favorite for their outgoing and quirky personalities.

I have previously served the LaMancha club in Secretary-Treasurer and Director positions, but took some time off while raising my small children. But, once again, I have more time to devote to the club and promoting the LaMancha breed.

I currently work as the Herd Manager for Redwood Hill Farm. I enjoy spending my days milking and evaluating goats and basically doing what I love. I own and breed the Kastdemur Herd which also resides at Redwood Hill Farm. With my animals living at another farm, I keep a somewhat small herd of competitive LaManchas with the occasional grade LaMancha thrown in. We attend several shows in the spring and Nationals when we can. It's a pleasure to see the advancement and popularity the LaMancha breed has taken in recent years!!

Lorene Toth—Board of Director Candidate:

I am Lorene Toth and I am interested in running for a director position of the ALBA. Goats are my passion, that started in my youth with Toggenburgs as a 4-H project in the 1970’s.

Fast forward to 2003, where after several years of research, I once again embarked on a goat adventure. This time with Nigerian Dwarf goats. I quickly became enchanted with the breed and became active in AGS, NENDA, breeding and showing. I worked on the AGS Nationals in Springfield, MA in 2005 and attended the AGS Nationals as a spectator in Virginia in 2007. I have successfully been Show chair of the Sunnysisters Dairy Goat Show since 2007, first as an AGS Nigerian only Show then as an ADGA Show for all breeds. 

In the year 2010 I was a spectator at ADGA Nationals and in 2011 I worked on ADGA Nationals in Springfield, MA and that’s when the spell was cast... After a long week the Colorama sale, preceded by wine and cheese, arrived. The first goat presented was a beautiful glitter covered LaMancha kid and some mystical force pulled my hand up to bid followed by a second bid and just like that I was a LaMancha owner. I have fallen in love with the breed and have not looked back. I participate in Linear Appraisal, DHIA, actively show and mentor other goat owners. 

Professionally, I was an elementary music teacher for 32 years, I retired in 2016 and now consider myself a goat farmer! Personally, I have been married 35 years, to a husband that supports my goat addiction and have raised two sons. I am a hard worker, have excellent organizational skills and am a creative thinker. My farm is Sunnydale Farm, and though small, I work hard to improve my herd and share my passion for these animals we love.  I hope to increase membership in ALBA, as a director, to further educate people about this fabulous breed!  Thanks for your consideration.






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